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smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets) Mystery Tractor   smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)



Try to identify the mystery tractor.  If you have a sugestion, send it to the Page Manager or to the owner. Please, specified which Mystery (1,2, 3 ...).

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Mystery 1 :    
Mystery 2 :  
Steve Johnson
Mystery 3 : Possibly a Frazer Model T with an engine swap. Some parts was added and some missing also? See the following picture, paying close attention to the frame rails.
Steve Johnson
Mystery 4 :

It's a Kholer engine.... I'm guessing about 8hp. The wheelweights say "BOBETTE". Has several attatchments Plow, Cultivator, Front Blade, Drag Blade, rear mount Sickle Bar Cutter and a couple  that I don't know. I guess the picture will explain.
W.T. Vinson

It's a Bobette garden tractor built in Riverside, Ca. Aproximately 1953 to 1956. Paul

W.T. Vinson


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Description Photo Owner

Mystery 2 : Busy Bee engine

Unknown01small.jpg (2608 octets)

Steve Johnson

Mystery 3: Wisconsin engine

Unknown02small.jpg (3570 octets)

Steve Johnson

 Mystery 5    Merrel Gly
Mystery 5  Merrel Gly
Mystery 5  Merrel Gly
I purchased this a couple of weeks ago. The gentleman I bought it from said it had a tag that said G/H on it [Grand Haven ?}when he bought it . The tag is gone and I could use some help in identifying it .It is 9' 4" long x 4' wide .It has a Crosley transmission with a 6hp. AEH Wisconsin for power .The worm gear rear end looks very much like a Lincoln. Any help anyone can provide in identification would be appreciated . Please contact me at Merrell @ (remove spaces)



smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)